Class ConcurrentMultiMap<K,V>

  extended by akka.util.Index<K,V>
      extended by akka.util.ConcurrentMultiMap<K,V>

public class ConcurrentMultiMap<K,V>
extends Index<K,V>

An implementation of a ConcurrentMultiMap Adds/remove is serialized over the specified key Reads are fully concurrent <-- el-cheapo

Constructor Summary
ConcurrentMultiMap(int mapSize, java.util.Comparator<V> valueComparator)
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class akka.util.Index
clear, findValue, foreach, isEmpty, keys, mapSize, put, remove, remove, removeValue, valueComparator, valueIterator, values
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Constructor Detail


public ConcurrentMultiMap(int mapSize,
                          java.util.Comparator<V> valueComparator)