Class TestConductorExt

  extended by akka.remote.testconductor.TestConductorExt
All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, Conductor, Player

public class TestConductorExt
extends java.lang.Object
implements Extension, Conductor, Player

This binds together the Conductor and Player roles inside an Akka Extension. Please follow the aforementioned links for more information.

====Note==== This extension requires the akka.actor.provider to be a RemoteActorRefProvider.

To use blackhole, passThrough, and throttle you must activate the failure injector and throttler transport adapters by specifying testTransport(on = true) in your MultiNodeConfig.

Nested Class Summary
 class TestConductorExt.Settings
Constructor Summary
TestConductorExt(ExtendedActorSystem system)
Method Summary
 Address address()
          Transport address of this Netty-like remote transport.
 akka.remote.testconductor.TestConductorExt.Settings$ Settings()
 ExtendedActorSystem system()
 RemoteTransport transport()
          Remote transport used by the actor ref provider.
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Methods inherited from interface akka.remote.testconductor.Conductor
_controller, abort, blackhole, controller, disconnect, exit, getNodes, passThrough, removeNode, requireTestConductorTranport, shutdown, shutdown, sockAddr, startController, throttle
Methods inherited from interface akka.remote.testconductor.Player
_client, client, enter, enter, getAddressFor, startClient

Constructor Detail


public TestConductorExt(ExtendedActorSystem system)
Method Detail


public ExtendedActorSystem system()


public akka.remote.testconductor.TestConductorExt.Settings$ Settings()


public RemoteTransport transport()
Remote transport used by the actor ref provider.



public Address address()
Transport address of this Netty-like remote transport.