Interface Bootable

public interface Bootable

To use the microkernel at least one 'boot class' needs to be specified. A boot class implements this interface (Bootable) and must have an empty default constructor.

ActorSystems can be created within the boot class.

An example of a simple boot class:

 class BootApp extends Bootable {
   val system = ActorSystem("app")

   def startup = {
     system.actorOf(Props[FirstActor]) ! FirstMessage

   def shutdown = {

Boot classes are specified as main arguments to the microkernel.

For example, using the akka script an application can be started with the following at the command line:

 bin/akka org.app.BootApp

Method Summary
 void shutdown()
          Callback run on microkernel shutdown.
 void startup()
          Callback run on microkernel startup.

Method Detail


void startup()
Callback run on microkernel startup. Create initial actors and messages here.


void shutdown()
Callback run on microkernel shutdown. Shutdown actor systems here.