Package akka.japi

Interface Summary
Creator<T> A constructor/factory, takes no parameters but creates a new value of type T every call.
Effect An executable piece of code that takes no parameters and doesn't return any value.
Function<T,R> A Function interface.
Function2<T1,T2,R> A Function interface.
Predicate<T> Java API: Defines a criteria and determines whether the parameter meets this criteria.
Procedure<T> A Procedure is like a Function, but it doesn't produce a return value.

Class Summary
JavaPartialFunction<A,B> Helper for implementing a *pure* partial function: it will possibly be invoked multiple times for a single &ldquo;application&rdquo;, because its only abstract method is used for both isDefinedAt() and apply(); the former is mapped to isCheck == true and the latter to isCheck == false for those cases where this is important to know.
Option<A> This class represents optional values.
Option.Some<A> Class Some[A] represents existing values of type A.
Pair<A,B> Java API Represents a pair (tuple) of two elements.
Util This class hold common utilities for Java
Util$ This class hold common utilities for Java

Exception Summary