Interface MailboxType

All Known Implementing Classes:
BoundedDequeBasedMailbox, BoundedMailbox, BoundedPriorityMailbox, FileBasedMailboxType, PeekMailboxType, SingleConsumerOnlyUnboundedMailbox, UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox, UnboundedMailbox, UnboundedPriorityMailbox

public interface MailboxType

MailboxType is a factory to create MessageQueues for an optionally provided ActorContext.

Possibly Important Notice

When implementing a custom mailbox type, be aware that there is special semantics attached to system.actorOf() in that sending to the returned ActorRef may—for a short period of time—enqueue the messages first in a dummy queue. Top-level actors are created in two steps, and only after the guardian actor has performed that second step will all previously sent messages be transferred from the dummy queue into the real mailbox.

Method Summary
 MessageQueue create(scala.Option<ActorRef> owner, scala.Option<ActorSystem> system)

Method Detail


MessageQueue create(scala.Option<ActorRef> owner,
                    scala.Option<ActorSystem> system)