Class UntypedActorWithUnrestrictedStash

  extended by akka.actor.UntypedActor
      extended by akka.actor.UntypedActorWithUnrestrictedStash
All Implemented Interfaces:
Actor, StashSupport, UnrestrictedStash

public abstract class UntypedActorWithUnrestrictedStash
extends UntypedActor
implements UnrestrictedStash

Actor base class with Stash that does not enforce any mailbox type. The mailbox of the actor has to be configured manually. See UntypedActorWithStash for details on how Stash works.

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getContext, getSelf, getSender, onReceive, postRestart, postStop, preRestart, preStart, receive, supervisorStrategy, unhandled
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Methods inherited from interface akka.actor.UnrestrictedStash
postStop, preRestart
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aroundPostRestart, aroundPostStop, aroundPreRestart, aroundPreStart, aroundReceive, context, postRestart, preStart, receive, self, sender, supervisorStrategy, unhandled
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actorCell, capacity, clearStash, context, enqueueFirst, mailbox, prepend, self, stash, theStash, unstash, unstashAll, unstashAll

Constructor Detail


public UntypedActorWithUnrestrictedStash()