Class Terminated

  extended by akka.actor.Terminated
All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoReceivedMessage, DeadLetterSuppression, PossiblyHarmful, java.io.Serializable, scala.Equals, scala.Product

public class Terminated
extends java.lang.Object
implements AutoReceivedMessage, PossiblyHarmful, DeadLetterSuppression, scala.Product, scala.Serializable

When Death Watch is used, the watcher will receive a Terminated(watched) message when watched is terminated. Terminated message can't be forwarded to another actor, since that actor might not be watching the subject. Instead, if you need to forward Terminated to another actor you should send the information in your own message.

param: actor the watched actor that terminated param: existenceConfirmed is false when the Terminated message was not sent directly from the watched actor, but derived from another source, such as when watching a non-local ActorRef, which might not have been resolved param: addressTerminated the Terminated message was derived from that the remote node hosting the watched actor was detected as unreachable

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Terminated(ActorRef actor, boolean existenceConfirmed, boolean addressTerminated)
Method Summary
 ActorRef actor()
 boolean addressTerminated()
 boolean existenceConfirmed()
 ActorRef getActor()
 boolean getAddressTerminated()
 boolean getExistenceConfirmed()
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Constructor Detail


public Terminated(ActorRef actor,
                  boolean existenceConfirmed,
                  boolean addressTerminated)
Method Detail


public ActorRef actor()


public boolean existenceConfirmed()


public boolean addressTerminated()


public ActorRef getActor()


public boolean getExistenceConfirmed()


public boolean getAddressTerminated()