Class ClusterEvent

  extended by akka.cluster.ClusterEvent

public class ClusterEvent
extends java.lang.Object

Domain events published to the event bus. Subscribe with:

   Cluster(system).subscribe(actorRef, classOf[ClusterDomainEvent])

Nested Class Summary
static interface ClusterEvent.ClusterDomainEvent
          Marker interface for cluster domain events.
static class ClusterEvent.ClusterMetricsChanged
          Current snapshot of cluster node metrics.
static class ClusterEvent.ClusterMetricsChanged$
static class ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState
          Current snapshot state of the cluster.
static class ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState$
static class ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsEvents$
          When using this subscription mode the events corresponding to the current state will be sent to the subscriber to mimic what you would have seen if you were listening to the events when they occurred in the past.
static class ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsSnapshot$
          When using this subscription mode a snapshot of ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState will be sent to the subscriber as the first message.
static class ClusterEvent.LeaderChanged
          Leader of the cluster members changed.
static class ClusterEvent.LeaderChanged$
static interface ClusterEvent.MemberEvent
          Marker interface for membership events.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberExited
          Member status changed to MemberStatus.Exiting and will be removed when all members have seen the Exiting status.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberExited$
static class ClusterEvent.MemberRemoved
          Member completely removed from the cluster.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberRemoved$
static class ClusterEvent.MemberUp
          Member status changed to Up.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberUp$
static interface ClusterEvent.ReachabilityEvent
          Marker interface to facilitate subscription of both ClusterEvent.UnreachableMember and ClusterEvent.ReachableMember.
static class ClusterEvent.ReachableMember
          A member is considered as reachable by the failure detector after having been unreachable.
static class ClusterEvent.ReachableMember$
static class ClusterEvent.RoleLeaderChanged
          First member (leader) of the members within a role set changed.
static class ClusterEvent.RoleLeaderChanged$
static class ClusterEvent.SubscriptionInitialStateMode
static class ClusterEvent.UnreachableMember
          A member is considered as unreachable by the failure detector.
static class ClusterEvent.UnreachableMember$
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsEvents$ initialStateAsEvents()
          Java API
static ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsSnapshot$ initialStateAsSnapshot()
          Java API
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Constructor Detail


public ClusterEvent()
Method Detail


public static ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsSnapshot$ initialStateAsSnapshot()
Java API


public static ClusterEvent.InitialStateAsEvents$ initialStateAsEvents()
Java API