Interface Resizer

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public interface Resizer

Routers with dynamically resizable number of routees is implemented by providing a Resizer implementation in RouterConfig.

Method Summary
 boolean isTimeForResize(long messageCounter)
          Is it time for resizing.
 void resize(RouteeProvider routeeProvider)
          Decide if the capacity of the router need to be changed.

Method Detail


boolean isTimeForResize(long messageCounter)
Is it time for resizing. Typically implemented with modulo of nth message, but could be based on elapsed time or something else. The messageCounter starts with 0 for the initial resize and continues with 1 for the first message. Make sure to perform initial resize before first message (messageCounter == 0), because there is no guarantee that resize will be done when concurrent messages are in play.

CAUTION: this method is invoked from the thread which tries to send a message to the pool, i.e. the ActorRef.!() method, hence it may be called concurrently.


void resize(RouteeProvider routeeProvider)
Decide if the capacity of the router need to be changed. Will be invoked when isTimeForResize returns true and no other resize is in progress. Create and register more routees with routeeProvider.registerRoutees(newRoutees) or remove routees with routeeProvider.unregisterRoutees(abandonedRoutees) and sending PoisonPill to them.

This method is invoked only in the context of the Router actor in order to safely create/stop children.