Class SslTlsSupport

  extended by akka.io.PipelineStage<HasLogging,Tcp.Command,Tcp.Command,Tcp.Event,Tcp.Event>
      extended by akka.io.SslTlsSupport

public class SslTlsSupport
extends PipelineStage<HasLogging,Tcp.Command,Tcp.Command,Tcp.Event,Tcp.Event>

This pipeline stage implements SSL / TLS support, using an externally configured SSLEngine. It operates on the level of Tcp.Event and Tcp.Command messages, which means that it will typically be one of the lowest stages in a protocol stack. Since SSLEngine relies on contiguous transmission of a data stream you will need to handle backpressure from the TCP connection actor, for example by using a BackpressureBuffer underneath the SSL stage.

Each instance of this stage has a scratch ByteBuffer of approx. 18kiB allocated which is used by the SSLEngine.

One thing to keep in mind is that there's no support for half-closed connections in SSL (but SSL on the other side requires half-closed connections from its transport layer).

This means: 1. keepOpenOnPeerClosed is not supported on top of SSL (once you receive PeerClosed the connection is closed, further CloseCommands are ignored) 2. keepOpenOnPeerClosed should always be enabled on the transport layer beneath SSL so that one can wait for the other side's SSL level close_notify message without barfing RST to the peer because this socket is already gone

Constructor Summary
SslTlsSupport(javax.net.ssl.SSLEngine engine)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object apply(HasLogging ctx)
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Constructor Detail


public SslTlsSupport(javax.net.ssl.SSLEngine engine)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object apply(HasLogging ctx)