Class ClusterEvent

  extended by akka.cluster.ClusterEvent

public class ClusterEvent
extends java.lang.Object

Domain events published to the event bus. Subscribe with:

   Cluster(system).subscribe(actorRef, classOf[ClusterDomainEvent])

Nested Class Summary
static interface ClusterEvent.ClusterDomainEvent
          Marker interface for cluster domain events.
static class ClusterEvent.ClusterMetricsChanged
          Current snapshot of cluster node metrics.
static class ClusterEvent.ClusterMetricsChanged$
static class ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState
          Current snapshot state of the cluster.
static class ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState$
static class ClusterEvent.LeaderChanged
          Leader of the cluster members changed.
static class ClusterEvent.LeaderChanged$
static interface ClusterEvent.MemberEvent
          Marker interface for membership events.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberExited
          Member status changed to Exiting.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberExited$
static class ClusterEvent.MemberRemoved
          Member completely removed from the cluster.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberRemoved$
static class ClusterEvent.MemberUp
          Member status changed to Up.
static class ClusterEvent.MemberUp$
static class ClusterEvent.RoleLeaderChanged
          First member (leader) of the members within a role set changed.
static class ClusterEvent.RoleLeaderChanged$
static class ClusterEvent.UnreachableMember
          A member is considered as unreachable by the failure detector.
static class ClusterEvent.UnreachableMember$
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Constructor Detail


public ClusterEvent()