Class IO.IterateeRefAsync<A>

  extended by akka.actor.IO.IterateeRefAsync<A>
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public static final class IO.IterateeRefAsync<A>
extends java.lang.Object
implements IO.IterateeRef<A>

A mutable reference to an IO.Iteratee. Not thread safe.

Designed for use within an Actor, although all actions perfomed on the Iteratee are processed within a Future so it is not safe to refer to the Actor's state from within this Iteratee. Messages should instead be sent to the Actor in order to modify state.

Includes mutable implementations of flatMap, map, and apply which update the internal reference and return Unit.

IO.Input remaining after processing the Iteratee will be stored and processed later when 'flatMap' is used next.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface akka.actor.IO.IterateeRef
IO.IterateeRef.Map<K,V>, IO.IterateeRef.Map$
Constructor Summary
IO.IterateeRefAsync(IO.Iteratee<A> initial, scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext executor)
Method Summary
 void apply(IO.Input input)
 void flatMap(scala.Function1<A,IO.Iteratee<A>> f)
 scala.concurrent.Future<scala.Tuple2<IO.Iteratee<A>,IO.Input>> future()
          Returns a Future which will hold the future value of this IterateeRefAsync
 void map(scala.Function1<A,A> f)
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Constructor Detail


public IO.IterateeRefAsync(IO.Iteratee<A> initial,
                           scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext executor)
Method Detail


public void flatMap(scala.Function1<A,IO.Iteratee<A>> f)
Specified by:
flatMap in interface IO.IterateeRef<A>


public void map(scala.Function1<A,A> f)
Specified by:
map in interface IO.IterateeRef<A>


public void apply(IO.Input input)
Specified by:
apply in interface IO.IterateeRef<A>


public scala.concurrent.Future<scala.Tuple2<IO.Iteratee<A>,IO.Input>> future()
Returns a Future which will hold the future value of this IterateeRefAsync