Class Content$minusDisposition$

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    public class Content$minusDisposition$
    extends ModeledCompanion<Content$minusDisposition>
    Document updates document . Between these two there is slight but important difference regarding how parameter values are formatted. In RFC6266 parameters values are without quotes and in RFC2616 they are quoted. Since common practice among http servers is to understand quoted values, we use older document as reference here. Extended (i.e. encoded) parameter values are not quoted, see ext-parameter -

    Note: Akka HTTP uses "filename" key to store filename and handles encoding/decoding automatically. To output customized ASCII fallback version of filename provide "filename*" for unicode and "filename" for ASCII.

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        public static final Content$minusDisposition$ MODULE$
        Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
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      • Content$minusDisposition$

        public Content$minusDisposition$()