Class CsvEntityStreamingSupport

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      • CsvEntityStreamingSupport

        public CsvEntityStreamingSupport()
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      • withFramingRendererFlow

        public abstract CsvEntityStreamingSupport withFramingRendererFlow​(<akka.util.ByteString,​akka.util.ByteString,​akka.NotUsed> flow)
        Java API: Write-side, apply framing to outgoing entity stream.

        Most typical usage will be a variant of Flow[ByteString].intersperse.

        For example for rendering a JSON array one would return Flow[ByteString].intersperse(ByteString("["), ByteString(","), ByteString("]")) and for rendering a new-line separated CSV simply Flow[ByteString].intersperse(ByteString("\n")).

        flow - (undocumented)