Class RangeDirectives

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public abstract class RangeDirectives extends PathDirectives
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    • RangeDirectives

      public RangeDirectives()
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    • withRangeSupport

      public Route withRangeSupport(Supplier<Route> inner)
      Answers GET requests with an Accept-Ranges: bytes header and converts HttpResponses coming back from its inner route into partial responses if the initial request contained a valid Range request header. The requested byte-ranges may be coalesced. This directive is transparent to non-GET requests Rejects requests with unsatisfiable ranges UnsatisfiableRangeRejection. Rejects requests with too many expected ranges.

      Note: if you want to combine this directive with conditional(...) you need to put it on the *inside* of the conditional(...) directive, i.e. conditional(...) must be on a higher level in your route structure in order to function correctly.

      For more information, see:

      inner - (undocumented)