Class MethodDirectives

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public abstract class MethodDirectives extends MarshallingDirectives
  • Constructor Details

    • MethodDirectives

      public MethodDirectives()
  • Method Details

    • delete

      public Route delete(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • extractMethod

      public RouteAdapter extractMethod(Function<HttpMethod,Route> inner)
    • get

      public Route get(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • head

      public Route head(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • method

      public Route method(HttpMethod method, Supplier<Route> inner)
    • options

      public Route options(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • overrideMethodWithParameter

      public Route overrideMethodWithParameter(String paramName, Supplier<Route> inner)
      Changes the HTTP method of the request to the value of the specified query string parameter. If the query string parameter is not specified this directive has no effect. If the query string is specified as something that is not a HTTP method, then this directive completes the request with a 501 Not Implemented response.

      This directive is useful for: - Use in combination with JSONP (JSONP only supports GET) - Supporting older browsers that lack support for certain HTTP methods. E.g. IE8 does not support PATCH

      paramName - (undocumented)
      inner - (undocumented)
    • patch

      public Route patch(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • post

      public Route post(Supplier<Route> inner)
    • put

      public Route put(Supplier<Route> inner)