Class RetryAfter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Renderable, ToStringRenderable
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public abstract class RetryAfter extends HttpHeader
Model for the `Retry-After` header. Specification: //
  • Constructor Details

    • RetryAfter

      public RetryAfter()
  • Method Details

    • delaySeconds

      protected abstract scala.Option<Long> delaySeconds()
    • dateTime

      protected abstract scala.Option<DateTime> dateTime()
    • getDelaySeconds

      public Optional<Long> getDelaySeconds()
      number of seconds for the retry attempt, if available
    • getDateTime

      public Optional<DateTime> getDateTime()
      the date for the retry attempt, if available
    • create

      public static RetryAfter create(Long delaySeconds)
    • create

      public static RetryAfter create(DateTime dateTime)