Invoke a given procedure asynchronously for each element received.

Sink operators




Invoke a given procedure asynchronously for each element received. Note that if shared state is mutated from the procedure that must be done in a thread-safe way.

The sink materializes into a Future[Done] CompletionStage<Done> which completes when the stream completes, or fails if the stream fails.

See also:

  • foreach Invoke a given procedure for each element received.
  • actorRef Send the elements from the stream to an ActorRef.


source//def asyncProcessing(value: Int): Future[Unit] = _

Source(1 to 100).runWith(Sink.foreachAsync(10)(asyncProcessing))
source// final Function<Integer, CompletionStage<Void>> asyncProcessing = _

final Source<Integer, NotUsed> numberSource = Source.range(1, 100);

numberSource.runWith(Sink.foreachAsync(10, asyncProcessing), system);

Reactive Streams semantics

cancels when a Future CompletionStage fails

backpressures when the number of Futures CompletionStages reaches the configured parallelism

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