Migrating to version 5.0.0

Release 5.0.0 introduces a new schema and serialization that is not compatible with older versions.

The previous version was wrapping the event payload with Akka’s PersistentRepr, while in 5.0.0 the serialized event payload is persisted directly into the column. In order to migrate to the new schema, a migration tool capable of reading the serialized representation of PersistentRepr is required. That tool doesn’t exist yet, therefore, the new schema can only be used with new applications.

If you have existing data override the DAO to continue using the old schema:

# Use the DAOs for the legacy (pre 5.0) database schema

jdbc-journal {
  dao = "akka.persistence.jdbc.journal.dao.legacy.ByteArrayJournalDao"

jdbc-snapshot-store {
  dao = "akka.persistence.jdbc.snapshot.dao.legacy.ByteArraySnapshotDao"

jdbc-read-journal {
  dao = "akka.persistence.jdbc.query.dao.legacy.ByteArrayReadJournalDao"
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