Applies the given authorization check to the request.


def authorize(check: => Boolean): Directive0 = authorize(_
def authorize(check: RequestContext => Boolean): Directive0


The user-defined authorization check can either be supplied as a => BooleanSupplier<Boolean> value which is calculated just from information out of the lexical scope, or as a function RequestContext => BooleanFunction[RequestContext, Boolean] which can also take information from the request itself into account.

If the check returns true the request is passed on to the inner route unchanged, otherwise an AuthorizationFailedRejectionAuthorizationFailedRejection is created, triggering a 403 Forbidden response by default (the same as in the case of an AuthenticationFailedRejectionAuthenticationFailedRejection).

In a common use-case you would check if a user (e.g. supplied by any of the authenticate* family of directives, e.g. authenticateBasic) is allowed to access the inner routes, e.g. by checking if the user has the needed permissions.

See also authorizeAsync for the asynchronous version of this directive.


See also Authentication vs. Authorization to understand the differences between those.


sourcecase class User(name: String)

// authenticate the user:
def myUserPassAuthenticator(credentials: Credentials): Option[User] =
  credentials match {
    case Credentials.Provided(id) => Some(User(id))
    case _                        => None

// check if user is authorized to perform admin actions:
val admins = Set("Peter")
def hasAdminPermissions(user: User): Boolean =

val route =
  Route.seal {
    authenticateBasic(realm = "secure site", myUserPassAuthenticator) { user =>
      path("peters-lair") {
        authorize(hasAdminPermissions(user)) {
          complete(s"'${}' visited Peter's lair")

// tests:
val johnsCred = BasicHttpCredentials("John", "p4ssw0rd")
Get("/peters-lair") ~> addCredentials(johnsCred) ~> // adds Authorization header
  route ~> check {
    status shouldEqual StatusCodes.Forbidden
    responseAs[String] shouldEqual "The supplied authentication is not authorized to access this resource"

val petersCred = BasicHttpCredentials("Peter", "pan")
Get("/peters-lair") ~> addCredentials(petersCred) ~> // adds Authorization header
  route ~> check {
    responseAs[String] shouldEqual "'Peter' visited Peter's lair"
sourceimport akka.http.javadsl.server.directives.SecurityDirectives.ProvidedCredentials;

import static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.authorize;
import static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.complete;
import static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.path;
class User {
  private final String name;
  public User(String name) { = name;
  public String getName() {
    return name;

// authenticate the user:
final Function<Optional<ProvidedCredentials>, Optional<User>> myUserPassAuthenticator =
  opt -> {
    if (opt.isPresent()) {
      return Optional.of(new User(opt.get().identifier()));
    } else {
      return Optional.empty();

// check if user is authorized to perform admin actions:
final Set<String> admins = new HashSet<>();
final Function<User, Boolean> hasAdminPermissions = user -> admins.contains(user.getName());

final Route route = authenticateBasic("secure site", myUserPassAuthenticator, user ->
  path("peters-lair", () ->
    authorize(() -> hasAdminPermissions.apply(user), () ->
      complete("'" + user.getName() +"' visited Peter's lair")

// tests:
final HttpCredentials johnsCred =
  BasicHttpCredentials.createBasicHttpCredentials("John", "p4ssw0rd");
  .assertEntity("The supplied authentication is not authorized to access this resource");

final HttpCredentials petersCred =
  BasicHttpCredentials.createBasicHttpCredentials("Peter", "pan");
  .assertEntity("'Peter' visited Peter's lair");
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