Migration Guide to and within Akka HTTP 10.1.x

General Notes

See the general compatibility guidelines.

Akka HTTP 10.1.4 -> 10.1.5

To avoid excessive memory usage we introduced two new limits that apply per default:

  • akka.http.routing.decode-max-size: This limit applies when you use decodeRequest to limit the amount of decompressed data. The default limit is 8 megabytes.
  • akka.http.parsing.max-to-strict-bytes: This limit applies when you use HttpEntity.toStrict or the toStrictEntity directive (and related directives). It will only collect up to the given amount data and fail otherwise. The default limit is 8 megabytes.

Depending on your application requirements, you may want to change these settings.

Akka HTTP 10.0.11 - > 10.1.0

Depend on akka-stream explicitly

Starting from Akka Http 10.1.0, an explicit dependency to the akka-stream module is necessary. See Compatibility with Akka for more information. The minimum Akka version currently required is Akka 2.5.11.

Removal of deprecated methods

Methods deprecated during 10.0.x but before 10.0.11 were removed in 10.1.0. When still compiling with 10.0.11 make sure not to refer to deprecated methods. The deprecation notices usually give hints about alternatives.

Return type change of ServerBinding.unbind

The return type of ServerBinding.unbind has been changed to Future[Done]CompletionStage[Done] for consistency. It previously returned an element type of UnitBoxedUnit. Both the old and new types can be ignored, so in most cases, no action is necessary. If you typed out the return type somewhere, change the type to akka.Done.

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