You can deploy an Akka gRPC application just like you would any other JVM-based project. For some general pointers on this topic, see the deployment section of the Akka documentation.

Remember that the cleartext HTTP/2 “h2c with prior knowledge” protocol is not compatible with HTTP/1.1, so if your infrastructure uses any proxies they must either understand this protocol or support generic TCP connections.

Serve gRPC over HTTPS

To deploy your gRPC service over a HTTPS connection you will have to use an HttpsConnectionContextHttpsConnectionContext as described in the Akka-HTTP documentation.

When using HTTPS and running your application on a JDK 8 prior to version 1.8.0_251 you also need to provide an external ALPN implementation. Follow the section on ALPN in the Akka-HTTP docs for more details.

Example: Kubernetes

As an example, here is a complete project consisting of two applications (a gRPC service and an HTTP service that consumes the gRPC service) that can be deployed together in Kubernetes.

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