package javadsl

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Type Members

  1. final class CassandraSession extends AnyRef

    Data Access Object for Cassandra.

    Data Access Object for Cassandra. The statements are expressed in Apache Cassandra Query Language (CQL) syntax.

    See even CQL for Datastax Enterprise.

    The init hook is called before the underlying session is used by other methods, so it can be used for things like creating the keyspace and tables.

    All methods are non-blocking.

  2. final class CassandraSessionRegistry extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object CassandraFlow

    Java API to create Cassandra flows.

  2. object CassandraSessionRegistry

    This Cassandra session registry makes it possible to share Cassandra sessions between multiple use sites in the same ActorSystem (important for the Cassandra Akka Persistence plugin where it is shared between journal, query plugin and snapshot plugin)

  3. object CassandraSource

    Java API.