package storage

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Type Members

  1. final class Bucket extends AnyRef

    Represents a bucket in Google Cloud Storage.

  2. final class CustomerEncryption extends AnyRef
  3. final class FailedUpload extends Exception
  4. final class GCStorageExt extends Extension

    Manages one GCStorageSettings per ActorSystem.

  5. final class GCStorageSettings extends AnyRef
  6. final class GCStorageSettingsPath extends Attribute
  7. final class GCStorageSettingsValue extends Attribute
  8. final class ObjectAccessControls extends AnyRef
  9. final class ObjectNotFoundException extends RuntimeException
  10. final class Owner extends AnyRef
  11. final class ProjectTeam extends AnyRef
  12. final class StorageObject extends AnyRef

    Represents an object within Google Cloud Storage.

    Represents an object within Google Cloud Storage. Refer to for more in depth docs

  13. final class StorageSettings extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Bucket
  2. object CustomerEncryption
  3. object FailedUpload extends Serializable
  4. object GCStorageAttributes

    Akka Stream attributes that are used when materializing GCStorage stream blueprints.

  5. object GCStorageExt extends ExtensionId[GCStorageExt] with ExtensionIdProvider
  6. object GCStorageSettings
  7. object GCStorageSettingsPath
  8. object GCStorageSettingsValue
  9. object ObjectAccessControls
  10. object Owner
  11. object ProjectTeam
  12. object StorageObject
  13. object StorageSettings