package scaladsl

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Type Members

  1. trait PartitionAssignmentHandler extends AnyRef

    The API is new and may change in further releases.

    The API is new and may change in further releases.

    Allows to execute user code when Kafka rebalances partitions between consumers, or an Alpakka Kafka consumer is stopped. Use with care: These callbacks are called synchronously on the same thread Kafka's poll() is called. A warning will be logged if a callback takes longer than the configured partition-handler-warning.

    There is no point in calling CommittableOffset's commit methods as their committing won't be executed as long as any of the callbacks in this class are called.

    This complements the methods of Kafka's ConsumerRebalanceListener with an onStop callback.


Value Members

  1. object Committer
  2. object Consumer

    Akka Stream connector for subscribing to Kafka topics.

  3. object Producer

    Akka Stream connector for publishing messages to Kafka topics.

  4. object Transactional

    Akka Stream connector to support transactions between Kafka topics.