package projection

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Package Members

  1. package cassandra
  2. package eventsourced
  3. package grpc
  4. package internal
  5. package javadsl
  6. package jdbc
  7. package kafka
  8. package r2dbc
  9. package scaladsl
  10. package slick
  11. package state
  12. package testkit

Type Members

  1. trait BySlicesSourceProvider extends AnyRef

    Implemented by EventSourcedProvider and DurableStateSourceProvider.

  2. sealed trait HandlerRecoveryStrategy extends AnyRef

    Error handling strategy when processing an Envelope fails.

    Error handling strategy when processing an Envelope fails. The default is defined in configuration .

  3. final case class MergeableOffset[Offset](entries: Map[String, Offset]) extends Product with Serializable
  4. sealed trait OffsetVerification extends AnyRef
  5. trait Projection[Envelope] extends AnyRef

    The core abstraction in Akka Projections.

    The core abstraction in Akka Projections.

    A projection instance may share the same name and Envelope, but must have a unique key. The key is used to achieve processing parallelism for a projection.

    For example, many projections may share the same name "user-events-projection", but can process events for different sharded entities within Akka Cluster, where key could be the Akka Cluster shardId.


    The envelope type of the projection.

  6. trait ProjectionContext extends AnyRef

  7. final class ProjectionId extends AnyRef
  8. sealed trait RetryRecoveryStrategy extends HandlerRecoveryStrategy
  9. abstract class StatusObserver[-Envelope] extends AnyRef

    Track status of a projection by implementing a StatusObserver and install it using Projection.withStatusObserver.

  10. sealed trait StrictRecoveryStrategy extends HandlerRecoveryStrategy