package directives

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Type Members

  1. trait AttributeDirectives extends AnyRef

  2. trait AuthenticationDirective[T] extends Directive1[T]
  3. trait BasicDirectives extends AnyRef

  4. trait CacheConditionDirectives extends AnyRef

  5. trait CachingDirectives extends AnyRef
  6. trait CodingDirectives extends AnyRef

  7. trait CompleteOrRecoverWithMagnet extends AnyRef
  8. trait ContentTypeResolver extends javadsl.server.directives.ContentTypeResolver
  9. trait CookieDirectives extends AnyRef

  10. sealed trait Credentials extends AnyRef

    Represents authentication credentials supplied with a request.

    Represents authentication credentials supplied with a request. Credentials can either be Credentials.Missing or can be Credentials.Provided in which case an identifier is supplied and a function to check the known secret against the provided one in a secure fashion.

  11. trait DebuggingDirectives extends AnyRef

  12. final case class DirectoryListing(path: String, isRoot: Boolean, files: Seq[File]) extends javadsl.server.directives.DirectoryListing with Product with Serializable
  13. trait ExecutionDirectives extends AnyRef

  14. trait FileAndResourceDirectives extends AnyRef

  15. final case class FileInfo(fieldName: String, fileName: String, contentType: ContentType) extends javadsl.server.directives.FileInfo with Product with Serializable

    Additional metadata about the file being uploaded/that was uploaded using the FileUploadDirectives

    Additional metadata about the file being uploaded/that was uploaded using the FileUploadDirectives


    Name of the form field the file was uploaded in


    User specified name of the uploaded file


    Content type of the file

  16. trait FileUploadDirectives extends AnyRef

  17. trait FormFieldDirectives extends FormFieldDirectivesInstances with ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  18. trait FormFieldDirectivesInstances extends AnyRef
  19. trait FramedEntityStreamingDirectives extends MarshallingDirectives

    Allows the MarshallingDirectives.entity directive to extract a of elements.

    Allows the MarshallingDirectives.entity directive to extract a of elements.

    See common.EntityStreamingSupport for useful default framing Flow instances and support traits such as SprayJsonSupport (or your other favourite JSON library) to provide the needed Marshaller s.

  20. trait FutureDirectives extends AnyRef

  21. trait HeaderDirectives extends AnyRef

  22. trait HeaderMagnet[T] extends AnyRef
  23. trait HostDirectives extends AnyRef

  24. case class LogEntry(obj: Any, level: LogLevel = DebugLevel) extends javadsl.server.directives.LogEntry with Product with Serializable
  25. case class LoggingMagnet[T](f: (LoggingAdapter) => T) extends Product with Serializable
  26. trait LowPriorityHeaderMagnetImplicits extends AnyRef
  27. trait MarshallingDirectives extends AnyRef

  28. trait MethodDirectives extends AnyRef

  29. trait MiscDirectives extends AnyRef

  30. trait OnSuccessMagnet extends AnyRef
  31. trait ParameterDirectives extends ParameterDirectivesInstances with ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  32. trait ParameterDirectivesInstances extends AnyRef
  33. trait PathDirectives extends PathMatchers with ImplicitPathMatcherConstruction with ToNameReceptacleEnhancements

  34. trait RangeDirectives extends AnyRef

  35. trait RespondWithDirectives extends AnyRef

  36. trait RouteDirectives extends AnyRef

  37. trait SchemeDirectives extends AnyRef

  38. trait SecurityDirectives extends AnyRef

    Provides directives for securing an inner route using the standard Http authentication headers `WWW-Authenticate` and Authorization.

    Provides directives for securing an inner route using the standard Http authentication headers `WWW-Authenticate` and Authorization. Most prominently, HTTP Basic authentication and OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework as defined in RFC 2617 and RFC 6750 respectively.

    See: RFC 2617. See: RFC 6750.

  39. trait TimeoutDirectives extends AnyRef

  40. trait WebSocketDirectives extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AttributeDirectives extends AttributeDirectives
  2. object AuthenticationDirective
  3. object AuthenticationResult
  4. object BasicDirectives extends BasicDirectives
  5. object CacheConditionDirectives extends CacheConditionDirectives
  6. object CachingDirectives extends CachingDirectives
  7. object CodingDirectives extends CodingDirectives
  8. object CompleteOrRecoverWithMagnet
  9. object ContentTypeResolver
  10. object CookieDirectives extends CookieDirectives
  11. object Credentials
  12. object DebuggingDirectives extends DebuggingDirectives
  13. object DirectoryListing extends Serializable
  14. object ExecutionDirectives extends ExecutionDirectives
  15. object FileAndResourceDirectives extends FileAndResourceDirectives
  16. object FileUploadDirectives extends FileUploadDirectives
  17. object FormFieldDirectives extends FormFieldDirectives
  18. object FutureDirectives extends FutureDirectives
  19. object HeaderDirectives extends HeaderDirectives
  20. object HeaderMagnet extends LowPriorityHeaderMagnetImplicits
  21. object HostDirectives extends HostDirectives
  22. object LogEntry extends Serializable
  23. object LoggingMagnet extends Serializable
  24. object MarshallingDirectives extends MarshallingDirectives
  25. object MethodDirectives extends MethodDirectives
  26. object MiscDirectives extends MiscDirectives
  27. object OnSuccessMagnet
  28. object ParameterDirectives extends ParameterDirectives
  29. object PathDirectives extends PathDirectives
  30. object RangeDirectives extends RangeDirectives
  31. object RespondWithDirectives extends RespondWithDirectives
  32. object RouteDirectives extends RouteDirectives
  33. object SchemeDirectives extends SchemeDirectives
  34. object SecurityDirectives extends SecurityDirectives
  35. object TimeoutDirectives extends TimeoutDirectives