package coding

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Type Members

  1. trait Coder extends Encoder with Decoder

    Marker trait for A combined Encoder and Decoder

  2. abstract class Compressor extends AnyRef

    A stateful object representing ongoing compression.

  3. sealed trait DataMapper[T] extends AnyRef

    An abstraction to transform data bytes of HttpMessages or HttpEntities

  4. trait Decoder extends AnyRef
  5. class Deflate extends Coder with StreamDecoder
  6. class DeflateCompressor extends Compressor
  7. trait Encoder extends AnyRef
  8. class Gzip extends Coder with StreamDecoder
  9. trait StreamDecoder extends Decoder

    A decoder that is implemented in terms of a Stage

Value Members

  1. object DataMapper
  2. object Decoder
  3. object Deflate extends Deflate
  4. object Encoder
  5. object Gzip extends Gzip

    An encoder and decoder for the HTTP 'gzip' encoding.

  6. object NoCoding extends Coder with StreamDecoder

    An encoder and decoder for the HTTP 'identity' encoding.

  7. object NoCodingCompressor extends Compressor