Interface MultiNodeSpecCallbacks

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    public interface MultiNodeSpecCallbacks
    Use this to hook MultiNodeSpec into your test framework lifecycle, either by having your test extend MultiNodeSpec and call these methods or by creating a trait that calls them and then mixing that trait with your test together with MultiNodeSpec.

    Example trait for MultiNodeSpec with ScalaTest

     trait STMultiNodeSpec extends MultiNodeSpecCallbacks with AnyWordSpecLike with Matchers with BeforeAndAfterAll {
       override def beforeAll() = multiNodeSpecBeforeAll()
       override def afterAll() = multiNodeSpecAfterAll()
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      • multiNodeSpecAfterAll

        void multiNodeSpecAfterAll()
        Call this after the all test cases have run. NOT after every test case.
      • multiNodeSpecBeforeAll

        void multiNodeSpecBeforeAll()
        Call this before the start of the test run. NOT before every test case.