Class RecoveryPermitterEnsemble

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      • dependencies

        public scala.collection.immutable.Seq<java.lang.String> dependencies()
        Description copied from interface: RecoveryPermitterInstrumentation
        Optional dependencies for this instrumentation.

        Dependency instrumentations will always be ordered before this instrumentation.

        Specified by:
        dependencies in interface RecoveryPermitterInstrumentation
        list of class names for optional instrumentation dependencies
      • recoveryPermitterStatus

        public void recoveryPermitterStatus​(ActorRef recoveryPermitter,
                                            int maxPermits,
                                            int usedPermits,
                                            int pendingActors)
        Description copied from interface: RecoveryPermitterInstrumentation
        Record recovery permitter status - invoked after an actor has requested a permit.

        Specified by:
        recoveryPermitterStatus in interface RecoveryPermitterInstrumentation
        recoveryPermitter - ActorRef handling the permits for this actor system.
        maxPermits - the max permits set (via configuration).
        usedPermits - the number of used (issued) permits.
        pendingActors - number of pending actors waiting for a permit.