Interface CurrentEventsByPersistenceIdTypedQuery

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      • currentEventsByPersistenceIdTyped

        <Event> Source<EventEnvelope<Event>,​NotUsed> currentEventsByPersistenceIdTyped​(java.lang.String persistenceId,
                                                                                             long fromSequenceNr,
                                                                                             long toSequenceNr)
        Same type of query as EventsByPersistenceIdTypedQuery.eventsByPersistenceIdTyped(java.lang.String, long, long) but the event stream is completed immediately when it reaches the end of the "result set". Events that are stored after the query is completed are not included in the event stream.

        This is a new version of the akka.persistence.query.javadsl.EventsByPersistenceIdQuery#currentEventsByPersistenceId using a new envelope type EventEnvelope.