Interface DurableStateStorePagedPersistenceIdsQuery<A>

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      • currentPersistenceIds

        Source<java.lang.String,​NotUsed> currentPersistenceIds​(scala.Option<java.lang.String> afterId,
                                                                     long limit)
        Get the current persistence ids.

        Not all plugins may support in database paging, and may simply use drop/take Akka streams operators to manipulate the result set according to the paging parameters.

        afterId - The ID to start returning results from, or None to return all ids. This should be an id returned from a previous invocation of this command. Callers should not assume that ids are returned in sorted order.
        limit - The maximum results to return. Use Long.MaxValue to return all results. Must be greater than zero.
        A source containing all the persistence ids, limited as specified.