Class AkkaProtocolTransport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SchemeAugmenter, Transport

    public class AkkaProtocolTransport
    extends ActorTransportAdapter
    Implementation of the Akka protocol as a Transport that wraps an underlying Transport instance.

    Features provided by this transport are: - Soft-state associations via the use of heartbeats and failure detectors - Secure-cookie handling - Transparent origin address handling - pluggable codecs to encode and decode Akka PDUs

    It is not possible to load this transport dynamically using the configuration of remoting, because it does not expose a constructor with Config and ExtendedActorSystem parameters. This transport is instead loaded automatically by Remoting to wrap all the dynamically loaded transports.

    param: wrappedTransport the underlying transport that will be used for communication param: system the actor system param: settings the configuration options of the Akka protocol param: codec the codec that will be used to encode/decode Akka PDUs

    • Method Detail

      • AkkaScheme

        public static java.lang.String AkkaScheme()
      • AkkaOverhead

        public static int AkkaOverhead()
      • UniqueId

        public static java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicInteger UniqueId()
      • augmentScheme

        protected static java.lang.String augmentScheme​(java.lang.String originalScheme)
      • augmentScheme

        protected static Address augmentScheme​(Address address)
      • removeScheme

        protected static java.lang.String removeScheme​(java.lang.String scheme)
      • removeScheme

        protected static Address removeScheme​(Address address)
      • wrappedTransport

        protected static Transport wrappedTransport()
      • ec

        public static scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext ec()
      • schemeIdentifier

        public static java.lang.String schemeIdentifier()
      • isResponsibleFor

        public static boolean isResponsibleFor​(Address address)
      • maximumPayloadBytes

        public static int maximumPayloadBytes()
      • boundAddress

        public static Address boundAddress()
      • manager

        protected static ActorRef manager()
      • manager_$eq

        protected static void manager_$eq​(ActorRef x$1)
      • interceptAssociate

        public static void interceptAssociate​(Address remoteAddress,
                                              scala.concurrent.Promise<AssociationHandle> statusPromise)
      • shutdown

        public static scala.concurrent.Future<java.lang.Object> shutdown()
      • associate

        public scala.concurrent.Future<AkkaProtocolHandle> associate​(Address remoteAddress,
                                                                     scala.Option<java.lang.Object> refuseUid)