Class ActorTransportAdapter

    • Constructor Detail

      • ActorTransportAdapter

        public ActorTransportAdapter​(Transport wrappedTransport,
                                     ActorSystem system)
    • Method Detail

      • AskTimeout

        public static Timeout AskTimeout()
      • managementCommand

        public static scala.concurrent.Future<java.lang.Object> managementCommand​(java.lang.Object cmd)
      • addedSchemeIdentifier

        protected abstract static java.lang.String addedSchemeIdentifier()
      • augmentScheme

        protected static java.lang.String augmentScheme​(java.lang.String originalScheme)
      • augmentScheme

        protected static Address augmentScheme​(Address address)
      • removeScheme

        protected static java.lang.String removeScheme​(java.lang.String scheme)
      • removeScheme

        protected static Address removeScheme​(Address address)
      • wrappedTransport

        protected static Transport wrappedTransport()
      • ec

        public static scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext ec()
      • maximumOverhead

        protected abstract static int maximumOverhead()
      • schemeIdentifier

        public static java.lang.String schemeIdentifier()
      • isResponsibleFor

        public static boolean isResponsibleFor​(Address address)
      • maximumPayloadBytes

        public static int maximumPayloadBytes()
      • boundAddress

        public static Address boundAddress()
      • managerName

        protected abstract java.lang.String managerName()
      • managerProps

        protected abstract Props managerProps()
      • manager

        protected ActorRef manager()
      • manager_$eq

        protected void manager_$eq​(ActorRef x$1)
      • shutdown

        public scala.concurrent.Future<java.lang.Object> shutdown()
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Shuts down the transport layer and releases all the corresponding resources. Shutdown is asynchronous signalling the end of the shutdown by completing the returned future.

        The transport SHOULD try flushing pending writes before becoming completely closed.

        Specified by:
        shutdown in interface Transport
        shutdown in class AbstractTransportAdapter
        Future signalling the completion of shutdown