Interface PerfFlamesSupport

  • public interface PerfFlamesSupport
    INTERNAL API: Support trait allowing trivially recording perf metrics from MultiNodeSpecs
    • Method Detail

      • isPerfJavaFlamesAvailable

        boolean isPerfJavaFlamesAvailable()
      • perfJavaFlamesPath

        java.lang.String perfJavaFlamesPath()
      • runPerfFlames

        void runPerfFlames​(scala.collection.immutable.Seq<RoleName> nodes,
                           scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration delay)
        Runs perf-java-flames script on given node (JVM process). Refer to for options and manual.

        Options are currently to be passed in via export PERF_MAP_OPTIONS etc.

        nodes - (undocumented)
        delay - (undocumented)