Interface FlightRecordingSupport

  • public interface FlightRecordingSupport
    Provides test framework agnostic methods to dump the artery flight recorder data after a test has completed - you must integrate the logic with the testing tool you use yourself.

    The flight recorder must be enabled and the flight recorder destination must be an absolute file name so that the akka config can be used to find it. For example you could ensure a unique file per test using something like this in your config:

       akka.remote.artery.advanced.flight-recorder {

    You need to hook in dump and deletion of files where it makes sense in your tests. (For example, dump after all tests has run and there was a failure and then delete)

    • Method Detail

      • deleteFlightRecorderFile

        void deleteFlightRecorderFile()
        Delete flight the recorder file if it exists
      • destinationIsValidForDump

        boolean destinationIsValidForDump()
      • printFlightRecording

        void printFlightRecording()
        Dump the contents of the flight recorder file to standard output