Class TcpFraming

    • Constructor Detail

      • TcpFraming

        public TcpFraming​(EventSink flightRecorder)
    • Method Detail

      • Undefined

        public static int Undefined()
      • Magic

        public static ByteString Magic()
        The first 4 bytes of a new connection must be these 0x64 0x75 0x75 0x64 (AKKA). The purpose of the "magic" is to detect and reject weird (accidental) accesses.
      • encodeConnectionHeader

        public static ByteString encodeConnectionHeader​(int streamId)
        When establishing the connection this header is sent first. It contains a "magic" and the stream identifier for selecting control, ordinary, large inbound streams.

        The purpose of the "magic" is to detect and reject weird (accidental) accesses. The magic 4 bytes are 0x64 0x75 0x75 0x64 (AKKA).

        The streamId is encoded as 1 byte.

        streamId - (undocumented)
      • encodeFrameHeader

        public static ByteString encodeFrameHeader​(int frameLength)
        Each frame starts with the frame header that contains the length of the frame. The frameLength is encoded as 4 bytes (little endian).
        frameLength - (undocumented)
      • named

        public static Graph<S,​M> named​(java.lang.String name)
      • async

        public static Graph<S,​M> async()
      • async

        public static Graph<S,​M> async​(java.lang.String dispatcher)
      • async

        public static Graph<S,​M> async​(java.lang.String dispatcher,
                                             int inputBufferSize)
      • addAttributes

        public static Graph<S,​M> addAttributes​(Attributes attr)
      • withAttributes

        public static final Graph<S,​M> withAttributes​(Attributes attr)
      • createLogicAndMaterializedValue

        public static final scala.Tuple2<GraphStageLogic,​NotUsed> createLogicAndMaterializedValue​(Attributes inheritedAttributes)
      • initialAttributes

        public static Attributes initialAttributes()