Class InboundManifestCompression

  • public final class InboundManifestCompression
    extends InboundCompression<java.lang.String>
    • Method Detail

      • advertiseCompressionTable

        public void advertiseCompressionTable​(OutboundContext outboundContext,
                                              CompressionTable<java.lang.String> table)
        Description copied from class: InboundCompression
        Must be implemented by extending classes in order to send a ControlMessage of appropriate type to the remote system in order to advertise the compression table to it.
        Specified by:
        advertiseCompressionTable in class InboundCompression<java.lang.String>
        outboundContext - (undocumented)
        table - (undocumented)
      • decompress

        public OptionVal<java.lang.String> decompress​(byte incomingTableVersion,
                                                      int idx)
        Description copied from class: InboundCompression
        Override and specialize if needed, for default compression logic delegate to 3-param overload
        Specified by:
        decompress in class InboundCompression<java.lang.String>
      • increment

        public void increment​(Address remoteAddress,
                              java.lang.String value,
                              long n)
        Description copied from class: InboundCompression
        Add n occurrence for the given key and call heavyHittedDetected if element has become a heavy hitter. Empty keys are omitted.
        increment in class InboundCompression<java.lang.String>
        remoteAddress - (undocumented)
        value - (undocumented)
        n - (undocumented)