Class FlightRecorderDump$

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    scala.App, scala.DelayedInit

    public class FlightRecorderDump$
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements scala.App
    Internal API

    Minimal utility for dumping a given afr file as text to stdout

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static FlightRecorderDump$ MODULE$
      Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
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      long executionStart()  
      java.nio.file.Path path()  
      protected void scala$App$_setter_$executionStart_$eq​(long x$1)  
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    • Field Detail

      • MODULE$

        public static final FlightRecorderDump$ MODULE$
        Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FlightRecorderDump$

        public FlightRecorderDump$()
    • Method Detail

      • executionStart

        public long executionStart()
        Specified by:
        executionStart in interface scala.App
      • scala$App$_setter_$executionStart_$eq

        protected void scala$App$_setter_$executionStart_$eq​(long x$1)
        Specified by:
        scala$App$_setter_$executionStart_$eq in interface scala.App
      • path

        public java.nio.file.Path path()