Class FlightRecorder

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    public class FlightRecorder
    extends java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference<FlightRecorderStatus>
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FlightRecorder

        public FlightRecorder​(java.nio.channels.FileChannel fileChannel)
    • Method Detail

      • createFlightRecorderFile

        public static java.nio.file.Path createFlightRecorderFile​(java.lang.String destination,
                                                                  java.nio.file.FileSystem fs)
        destination - (undocumented)
        fs - (undocumented)
        A created file where the flight recorder file can be written. There are three options, depending on destination: 1. Empty: a file will be generated in the temporary directory of the OS 2. A relative or absolute path ending with ".afr": this file will be used 3. A relative or absolute path: this directory will be used, the file will get a random file name
      • createFlightRecorderFile$default$2

        public static java.nio.file.FileSystem createFlightRecorderFile$default$2()
      • prepareFileForFlightRecorder

        public static java.nio.channels.FileChannel prepareFileForFlightRecorder​(java.nio.file.Path path)
      • Alignment

        public static int Alignment()
      • MagicString

        public static int MagicString()
      • GlobalSectionSize

        public static int GlobalSectionSize()
      • StartTimeStampOffset

        public static int StartTimeStampOffset()
      • LogHeaderSize

        public static int LogHeaderSize()
      • SnapshotCount

        public static int SnapshotCount()
      • SnapshotMask

        public static int SnapshotMask()
      • AlertRecordSize

        public static int AlertRecordSize()
      • LoFreqRecordSize

        public static int LoFreqRecordSize()
      • HiFreqBatchSize

        public static int HiFreqBatchSize()
      • HiFreqRecordSize

        public static int HiFreqRecordSize()
      • AlertWindow

        public static int AlertWindow()
      • LoFreqWindow

        public static int LoFreqWindow()
      • HiFreqWindow

        public static int HiFreqWindow()
      • AlertLogSize

        public static int AlertLogSize()
      • LoFreqLogSize

        public static int LoFreqLogSize()
      • HiFreqLogSize

        public static int HiFreqLogSize()
      • AlertSectionSize

        public static int AlertSectionSize()
      • LoFreqSectionSize

        public static int LoFreqSectionSize()
      • HiFreqSectionSize

        public static int HiFreqSectionSize()
      • AlertSectionOffset

        public static int AlertSectionOffset()
      • LoFreqSectionOffset

        public static int LoFreqSectionOffset()
      • HiFreqSectionOffset

        public static int HiFreqSectionOffset()
      • TotalSize

        public static int TotalSize()
      • HiFreqEntryCountFieldOffset

        public static int HiFreqEntryCountFieldOffset()
      • get

        public static final V get()
      • set

        public static final void set​(V x$1)
      • lazySet

        public static final void lazySet​(V x$1)
      • compareAndSet

        public static final boolean compareAndSet​(V x$1,
                                                  V x$2)
      • weakCompareAndSet

        public static final boolean weakCompareAndSet​(V x$1,
                                                      V x$2)
      • getAndSet

        public static final V getAndSet​(V x$1)
      • getAndUpdate

        public static final V getAndUpdate​(java.util.function.UnaryOperator<V> x$1)
      • updateAndGet

        public static final V updateAndGet​(java.util.function.UnaryOperator<V> x$1)
      • getAndAccumulate

        public static final V getAndAccumulate​(V x$1,
                                               java.util.function.BinaryOperator<V> x$2)
      • accumulateAndGet

        public static final V accumulateAndGet​(V x$1,
                                               java.util.function.BinaryOperator<V> x$2)
      • toString

        public static java.lang.String toString()
      • fileChannel

        public java.nio.channels.FileChannel fileChannel()
      • snapshot

        public void snapshot()
      • close

        public void close()
      • createEventSink

        public EventSink createEventSink()