Package akka.remote

Class WireFormats.AddressData.Builder

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    akka.protobuf.Message.Builder, akka.protobuf.MessageLite.Builder, akka.protobuf.MessageLiteOrBuilder, akka.protobuf.MessageOrBuilder, WireFormats.AddressDataOrBuilder, java.lang.Cloneable
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    public static final class WireFormats.AddressData.Builder
    extends akka.protobuf.GeneratedMessage.Builder<WireFormats.AddressData.Builder>
    implements WireFormats.AddressDataOrBuilder
    Protobuf type AddressData
     Defines a remote address, for classic remoting.
     Note that while the same message definition exists in cluster, as well as an updated one exists for Artery.
     This encoding will ONLY be used when an `` is attempted to be serialized *directly*.