Package akka.remote

Class RemoteWatcher

    • Constructor Detail

      • RemoteWatcher

        public RemoteWatcher​(FailureDetectorRegistry<Address> failureDetector,
                             scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration heartbeatInterval,
                             scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration unreachableReaperInterval,
                             scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration heartbeatExpectedResponseAfter)
    • Method Detail

      • context

        public ActorContext context()
        Description copied from interface: Actor
        Scala API: Stores the context for this actor, including self, and sender. It is implicit to support operations such as forward.

        WARNING: Only valid within the Actor itself, so do not close over it and publish it to other threads!

        ActorContext is the Scala API. getContext returns a AbstractActor.ActorContext, which is the Java API of the actor context.

        Specified by:
        context in interface Actor
      • self

        public final ActorRef self()
        Description copied from interface: Actor
        The 'self' field holds the ActorRef for this actor.

        Can be used to send messages to itself:
         self ! message
        Specified by:
        self in interface Actor
      • akka$actor$Actor$_setter_$self_$eq

        protected final void akka$actor$Actor$_setter_$self_$eq​(ActorRef x$1)
        Description copied from interface: Actor
        The 'self' field holds the ActorRef for this actor.

        Can be used to send messages to itself:
         self ! message
        Specified by:
        akka$actor$Actor$_setter_$self_$eq in interface Actor
        x$1 - (undocumented)
      • artery

        public boolean artery()
      • watcheeByNodes

        public scala.collection.mutable.HashMap<Address,​scala.collection.mutable.Set<InternalActorRef>> watcheeByNodes()
      • watchingNodes

        public scala.collection.Set<Address> watchingNodes()
      • unreachable

        public scala.collection.immutable.Set<Address> unreachable()
      • unreachable_$eq

        public void unreachable_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<Address> x$1)
      • addressUids

        public scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> addressUids()
      • addressUids_$eq

        public void addressUids_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> x$1)
      • failureDetectorReaperTask

        public Cancellable failureDetectorReaperTask()
      • postStop

        public void postStop()
        Description copied from interface: Actor
        User overridable callback.

        Is called asynchronously after 'actor.stop()' is invoked. Empty default implementation.
        Specified by:
        postStop in interface Actor
      • receive

        public scala.PartialFunction<java.lang.Object,​scala.runtime.BoxedUnit> receive()
        Description copied from interface: Actor
        Scala API: This defines the initial actor behavior, it must return a partial function with the actor logic.
        Specified by:
        receive in interface Actor
      • receiveHeartbeat

        public void receiveHeartbeat()
      • receiveHeartbeatRsp

        public void receiveHeartbeatRsp​(long uid)
      • reapUnreachable

        public void reapUnreachable()
      • publishAddressTerminated

        public void publishAddressTerminated​(Address address)
      • quarantine

        public void quarantine​(Address address,
                               scala.Option<java.lang.Object> uid,
                               java.lang.String reason,
                               boolean harmless)
      • shouldWatch

        protected boolean shouldWatch​(InternalActorRef watchee)
        Returns true if either has cluster or akka.remote.use-unsafe-remote-features-outside-cluster is enabled. Can be overridden when using RemoteWatcher as a superclass.
        watchee - (undocumented)
      • unwatchNode

        public void unwatchNode​(Address watcheeAddress)
      • terminated

        public void terminated​(InternalActorRef watchee,
                               boolean existenceConfirmed,
                               boolean addressTerminated)
      • sendHeartbeat

        public void sendHeartbeat()
      • triggerFirstHeartbeat

        public void triggerFirstHeartbeat​(Address address)
      • reWatch

        public void reWatch​(Address address)
        To ensure that we receive heartbeat messages from the right actor system incarnation we send Watch again for the first HeartbeatRsp (containing the system UID) and if HeartbeatRsp contains a new system UID. Terminated will be triggered if the watchee (including correct Actor UID) does not exist.
        address - (undocumented)