Class NoOpEventAdapter<E>

  • public class NoOpEventAdapter<E>
    extends EventAdapter<E,​java.lang.Object>
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      EventSeq<E> fromJournal​(java.lang.Object p, java.lang.String manifest)
      Transform the event on recovery from the journal.
      static <E> NoOpEventAdapter<E> instance()  
      java.lang.String manifest​(E event)
      Return the manifest (type hint) that will be provided in the fromJournal method.
      java.lang.Object toJournal​(E e)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NoOpEventAdapter

        public NoOpEventAdapter()
    • Method Detail

      • toJournal

        public java.lang.Object toJournal​(E e)
        Specified by:
        toJournal in class EventAdapter<E,​java.lang.Object>
      • fromJournal

        public EventSeq<E> fromJournal​(java.lang.Object p,
                                       java.lang.String manifest)
        Description copied from class: EventAdapter
        Transform the event on recovery from the journal. Note that this is not called in any read side so will need to be applied manually when using Query.

        Convert a event from its journal model to the applications domain model.

        One event may be adapter into multiple (or none) events which should be delivered to the EventSourcedBehavior. Use the specialised EventSeq.single method to emit exactly one event, or EventSeq.empty in case the adapter is not handling this event.

        Specified by:
        fromJournal in class EventAdapter<E,​java.lang.Object>
        p - event to be adapted before delivering to the EventSourcedBehavior
        manifest - optionally provided manifest (type hint) in case the Adapter has stored one for this event, "" if none
        sequence containing the adapted events (possibly zero) which will be delivered to the EventSourcedBehavior
      • manifest

        public java.lang.String manifest​(E event)
        Description copied from class: EventAdapter
        Return the manifest (type hint) that will be provided in the fromJournal method. Use "" if manifest is not needed.
        Specified by:
        manifest in class EventAdapter<E,​java.lang.Object>
        event - (undocumented)