Interface CurrentEventsByTagQuery

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    public interface CurrentEventsByTagQuery
    extends ReadJournal
    A plugin may optionally support this query by implementing this interface.
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        Source<EventEnvelope,​NotUsed> currentEventsByTag​(java.lang.String tag,
                                                               Offset offset)
        Same type of query as EventsByTagQuery.eventsByTag(java.lang.String, akka.persistence.query.Offset) but the event stream is completed immediately when it reaches the end of the "result set". Depending on journal implementation, this may mean all events up to when the query is started, or it may include events that are persisted while the query is still streaming results. For eventually consistent stores, it may only include all events up to some point before the query is started.
        tag - (undocumented)
        offset - (undocumented)