Package akka.dispatch

Class OnFailure

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    scala.Function1<java.lang.Throwable,​scala.runtime.BoxedUnit>, scala.PartialFunction<java.lang.Throwable,​scala.runtime.BoxedUnit>

    public abstract class OnFailure
    extends japi.CallbackBridge<java.lang.Throwable>
    Callback for when a Future is completed with a failure SAM (Single Abstract Method) class

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        scala.PartialFunction.AndThen<A extends java.lang.Object,​B extends java.lang.Object,​C extends java.lang.Object>, scala.PartialFunction.Lifted<A extends java.lang.Object,​B extends java.lang.Object>, scala.PartialFunction.OrElse<A extends java.lang.Object,​B extends java.lang.Object>, scala.PartialFunction.Unlifted<A extends java.lang.Object,​B extends java.lang.Object>
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      protected void internal​(java.lang.Throwable failure)  
      abstract void onFailure​(java.lang.Throwable failure)
      This method will be invoked once when/if a Future that this callback is registered on becomes completed with a failure
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        andThen, apply$mcDD$sp, apply$mcDF$sp, apply$mcDI$sp, apply$mcDJ$sp, apply$mcFD$sp, apply$mcFF$sp, apply$mcFI$sp, apply$mcFJ$sp, apply$mcID$sp, apply$mcIF$sp, apply$mcII$sp, apply$mcIJ$sp, apply$mcJD$sp, apply$mcJF$sp, apply$mcJI$sp, apply$mcJJ$sp, apply$mcVD$sp, apply$mcVF$sp, apply$mcVI$sp, apply$mcVJ$sp, apply$mcZD$sp, apply$mcZF$sp, apply$mcZI$sp, apply$mcZJ$sp, applyOrElse, compose, lift, orElse, runWith, toString
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    • Constructor Detail

      • OnFailure

        public OnFailure()
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      • internal

        protected final void internal​(java.lang.Throwable failure)
        internal in class japi.CallbackBridge<java.lang.Throwable>
      • onFailure

        public abstract void onFailure​(java.lang.Throwable failure)
                                throws java.lang.Throwable
        This method will be invoked once when/if a Future that this callback is registered on becomes completed with a failure
        failure - (undocumented)