Package akka.dispatch

Class Dispatcher

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BatchingExecutor, java.util.concurrent.Executor, scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext, scala.concurrent.ExecutionContextExecutor
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    public class Dispatcher
    extends MessageDispatcher
    The event-based Dispatcher binds a set of Actors to a thread pool backed up by a BlockingQueue.

    The preferred way of creating dispatchers is to define configuration of it and use the the lookup method in Dispatchers.

    param: throughput positive integer indicates the dispatcher will only process so much messages at a time from the mailbox, without checking the mailboxes of other actors. Zero or negative means the dispatcher always continues until the mailbox is empty. Larger values (or zero or negative) increase throughput, smaller values increase fairness

    • Constructor Detail

      • Dispatcher

        public Dispatcher​(MessageDispatcherConfigurator _configurator,
                          java.lang.String id,
                          int throughput,
                          scala.concurrent.duration.Duration throughputDeadlineTime,
                          ExecutorServiceFactoryProvider executorServiceFactoryProvider,
                          scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration shutdownTimeout)