Class ClusterShardingSetup$

  • Type Parameters:
    Res - The response protocol, what the other actor sends back

    public class ClusterShardingSetup$
    extends java.lang.Object
    Allows to "ask" the EntityRef for a reply. See AskPattern for a complete write-up of this pattern

    Note that if you are inside of an actor you should prefer as that provides better safety.

    Example usage:

     case class Request(msg: String, replyTo: ActorRef[Reply])
     case class Reply(msg: String)
     implicit val timeout = Timeout(3.seconds)
     val target: EntityRef[Request] = ...
     val f: Future[Reply] = target ? (replyTo => Request("hello", replyTo))

    Please note that an implicit Timeout must be available to use this pattern.

    Note: it is preferrable to use the non-symbolic ask method as it easier allows for wildcards for the replyTo: ActorRef.