Class CpuMetricsSelector

  • public class CpuMetricsSelector
    extends java.lang.Object
    MetricsSelector that uses the combined CPU time metrics and stolen CPU time metrics. In modern Linux kernels: CpuCombined + CpuStolen + CpuIdle = 1.0 or 100%. Combined CPU is sum of User + Sys + Nice + Wait times, as percentage. Stolen CPU is the amount of CPU taken away from this virtual machine by the hypervisor, as percentage.

    Low CPU capacity => small node weight.

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      static boolean canEqual​(java.lang.Object x$1)  
      static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)  
      abstract static boolean equals​(java.lang.Object that)  
      static double factor()
      How much extra weight to give to the stolen time.
      static CpuMetricsSelector$ getInstance()
      Java API: get the singleton instance
      static int hashCode()  
      static int productArity()  
      static java.lang.Object productElement​(int x$1)  
      static scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.Object> productIterator()  
      static java.lang.String productPrefix()  
      static java.lang.String toString()  
      static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity)  
      static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CpuMetricsSelector

        public CpuMetricsSelector()
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static CpuMetricsSelector$ getInstance()
        Java API: get the singleton instance
      • factor

        public static double factor()
        How much extra weight to give to the stolen time.
      • capacity

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)
      • productPrefix

        public static java.lang.String productPrefix()
      • productArity

        public static int productArity()
      • productElement

        public static java.lang.Object productElement​(int x$1)
      • productIterator

        public static scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.Object> productIterator()
      • canEqual

        public static boolean canEqual​(java.lang.Object x$1)
      • hashCode

        public static int hashCode()
      • toString

        public static java.lang.String toString()
      • weights

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity)
      • weights

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)
      • equals

        public abstract static boolean equals​(java.lang.Object that)