Class TimerInterceptor<T>

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      • aroundReceive

        public Behavior<T> aroundReceive​(TypedActorContext<T> ctx,
                                         T msg,
                                         BehaviorInterceptor.ReceiveTarget<T> target)
        Description copied from class: BehaviorInterceptor
        Intercept a message sent to the running actor. Pass the message on to the next behavior in the stack by passing it to target.apply, return Behaviors.same without invoking target to filter out the message.

        Specified by:
        aroundReceive in class BehaviorInterceptor<T,​T>
        ctx - (undocumented)
        msg - (undocumented)
        target - (undocumented)
        The behavior for next message or signal
      • isSame

        public boolean isSame​(BehaviorInterceptor<java.lang.Object,​java.lang.Object> other)
        isSame in class BehaviorInterceptor<T,​T>
        other - (undocumented)
        true if this behavior logically the same as another behavior interceptor and can therefore be eliminated (to avoid building infinitely growing stacks of behaviors)? Default implementation is based on instance equality. Override to provide use case specific logic.