Interface DeathWatch

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    ActorCell, ResizablePoolCell, RoutedActorCell

    public interface DeathWatch
    This map holds a None for actors for which we send a Terminated notification on termination, Some(message) for actors for which we send a custom termination message.
    • Method Detail

      • addressTerminated

        void addressTerminated​(Address address)
      • checkWatchingSame

        void checkWatchingSame​(InternalActorRef ref,
                               scala.Option<java.lang.Object> newMessage)
        Call only if it was checked before that `watching contains ref`
      • isWatching

        boolean isWatching​(ActorRef ref)
      • maintainAddressTerminatedSubscription

        <T> T maintainAddressTerminatedSubscription​(ActorRef change,
                                                    scala.Function0<T> block)
        Starts subscription to AddressTerminated if not already subscribing and the block adds a non-local ref to watching or watchedBy. Ends subscription to AddressTerminated if subscribing and the block removes the last non-local ref from watching and watchedBy.
        change - (undocumented)
        block - (undocumented)
      • maintainAddressTerminatedSubscription$default$1

        <T> ActorRef maintainAddressTerminatedSubscription$default$1()
      • receivedTerminated

        void receivedTerminated​(Terminated t)
      • subscribeAddressTerminated

        void subscribeAddressTerminated()
      • tellWatchersWeDied

        void tellWatchersWeDied()
      • terminatedQueuedFor

        void terminatedQueuedFor​(ActorRef subject,
                                 scala.Option<java.lang.Object> customMessage)
      • terminatedQueued_$eq

        void terminatedQueued_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<ActorRef,​scala.Option<java.lang.Object>> x$1)
      • unsubscribeAddressTerminated

        void unsubscribeAddressTerminated()
      • unwatchWatchedActors

        void unwatchWatchedActors​(Actor actor)
      • updateWatching

        void updateWatching​(InternalActorRef ref,
                            scala.Option<java.lang.Object> newMessage)
      • watchedActorTerminated

        void watchedActorTerminated​(ActorRef actor,
                                    boolean existenceConfirmed,
                                    boolean addressTerminated)
        When this actor is watching the subject of Terminated message it will be propagated to user's receive.
        actor - (undocumented)
        existenceConfirmed - (undocumented)
        addressTerminated - (undocumented)
      • watchedBy_$eq

        void watchedBy_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<ActorRef> x$1)
      • watching_$eq

        void watching_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<ActorRef,​scala.Option<java.lang.Object>> x$1)